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Hey man - just hopped in to say that I'm a freelance RPG editor with over 75 credited products, and if you need an editor for your rulebook, I'd be glad to take a look at it. I could look the beta rulebook over for free, in return for consideration for paid work on the final product if it ever comes to fruition.

Just wanted to throw the offer out there. Even if you're both articulate people, don't underestimate the need for an editor (whether you use me or not).

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That is horrible. Absolutely horrible.

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Call Center Operations guy here, different company. Why in the hell do you get dinged for how much hold time a guy uses who handles the call after you?

Unless you stayed on the line to see how they were going to handle it. At which point that's on you, boo.

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At the center where I work, you would call 911 and give them as much information as possible.

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Does your patent spell 'sewing' correctly? If not it might be invalid.