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Not a fan of officers but it's obvious you were a young low level officer. You still have a working imagination and brain. In your opinion, why does the US keep winning battles and losing the wars?

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I'm not sure if you'll get to this, but, I've tried to explain tribal people/ tribal think to friends in the US and on Reddit. Tribalism is seldom mentioned in the news and many Westerners do not seem to grasp the importance of "tribe" to members. I know it would be a long answer but could you go into tribal relationships in the Mid East in such a way that your average westerner could at least get an idea of how important it is in the Middle East? Thank you.

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Seriously I was making a joke.

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Hi, how many intelligence agents were prosecuted for these actions? How many were convicted? Do you really believe a E-6 and lower ranks thought up and executed the criminal behavior all on their own? Did no officer ever walk through the prison and see the naked men chained in their cells? How many of those officers were charged with dereliction of duty?

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I don't have a massive vocabulary or any LGBT friends at the moment. So I'm definitely not up on the 'proper' language. And I'm older and in some respects conservative. If it makes you feel better I also refer to Morman, Christian, Wiccan and Muslim ways of living as a lifestyle. Along with the homeless and bums. It may not be the right word to use in some cases, (quite possibly in yours) but I am not a smart man.