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I think it is actually just any baptized Catholic male. Universi Dominici Gregis does not preclude a married man, and that makes sense as a married Catholic priest from an Eastern Rite that does not follow priestly celibacy could then theoretically be elected. It would also be difficult to justify a rule prohibiting married Popes since Peter himself was married (See Matthew 8:14).

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While I am not /u/fr-josh nor a priest at all, you, and anyone for that matter, can go to any Mass. However, unless you have completed your first communion and are in a state of grace, you should not receive the Eucharist. If you are interested in becoming a practicing Catholic, you should talk to a local priest. He will likely recommend RCIA for you to complete the sacraments of initiation (i.e., first communion and confirmation). Also, if you want to ask more questions along these lines, /r/Catholicism is a great subreddit.