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Document your source code.

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Just in case you didn't know about it, there's an open source remake of AOE2 called openage.

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The astronauts apply an antifog, a oily soap-like liquid, to their helmets. There was once a situation where Canadian astronaut Cmdr. Chris Hadfield got a drop in his eye that rendered him blind for 20 minutes or so (as you're unable to cry in zero gravity, the tears blocked his vision). He remarked in his book that he wished they had used "no tears" soap. Actually, they soon after changed the formula to be less irritating to the eyes.

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We've been doing EVAs since 1965 and have been using monoprop propulsion since shortly after that. The fourth flight of the Challenger in 1984 had an untethered EVA (with an MMU -- i.e. "propulsion pack") if I remember correctly.