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After seeing this documentary, I watched a few videos on YouTube produced by news companies about flat earthers where they attended rallies and interviewed people at those rallies and an interesting pattern arose. When asked about how they got Into the flat earth theory many flat earthers tended to answer with something along the lines of “I got fired from my dream job” “my partner left me/died” “I lost everything” etc and always ended with “I went looking for answers and found them”. Do you think that people’s belief in flat earth is a response to tragedy and disappointment (like how some people turn to god or a greater being or idea when tragedy strikes) or just a result of a lacking societal and educational support system or something else?

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I am a graduating high school student considering majoring in physics (and a couple of other things), and although this question is beneath you, i was wondering what are the benefits and downfalls of pursuing a degree and career in physics?