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Your parents saw you naked when you were little. They know.

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Union busting and hatred is one of the reasons the USA is in such a big mess to begin with. The very few protections that workers have are all thanks to the work of unions in days gone by. If they are completely eradicated you will be back to the days of the robber barons - 6 day/72 hour work weeks, child labour, no health and safety standards, no minimum wage....

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Simple, don't eat meat, eggs or dairy. The alternative is to cut down substantially on your portions and buy directly from small operations.

Don't buy fur or down and check the labels on all the products you use to make sure it says "Not tested on animals.".

If you want a pet, never, never, never buy from a pet shop. Most breeders are just as bad as any puppy mill so be careful with them also.

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How does a low life piece of shit who breeds and abuses animals for profit cope with looking at himself in the mirror every morning?

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What happens in a slaughterhouse isn't quite the same as what happens at the factory the animals live in.

I know that where I live, the pay to work in a slaughterhouse is very good and I think it attracts people who are desperate to support their families. But really, at what cost? In addition to sucking away your soul (if you have one) there's the constant threat of injury. I don't think it's possible to make it to retirement age without being disabled either physically or mentally.