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Have you ever encountered cats and dogs that follow you and demand petting?

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What are your views on sacred lands? One of my friend is native american and she told me that the term "sacred land" gets tossed around a lot these days. Also does your tribe have the option of opening up a casino? I have heard that when a casino opens up, crimes rates do spike in the surrounding area. Finally, What are your views on other natives like native Hawaiians and the native people of Canada?

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Can a person get addicted to volunteer/charity work? What are the impacts of that addiction?

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Could we terraform mars to make it a earth like planet ? I feel that the human population is just going to explode in the near future and we are running out of space on earth. We need another planet or moon to live on.

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How do you deal with writer's block and building the universe and lore of your book?