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How many people have told you you're a goddamn hero? Good to know people like you still exist! Hope for all the best for you and a healthy life moving forward.

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Getting the flight for that amount is absolutely beyond ideal. I apologize for being persistent but I am curious if you found a pattern for when the best times/days to find these deals are. I assume they don't exist but many times people say they do. Just curious about your opinion as you seem very good at what you do lol.

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I was one of the suckers who didn't know this and bought OP hook line and sinker. I didn't pay for shit but was wondering why I was getting DVs for asking a question. I'm guessing this is why. Thank you for this!!

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Thank you for your response, Mariam. You've been a great help and I appreciate it! All the best to you!

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Have you found a pattern which would indicate the best time to book travel? I hear Tuesdays are the best days but hell if I know if that's true or not. As someone who has access to the Cincinnati airport and is going to travel to Barcelona for a cruise in 2021, you have absolutely peaked my interest!