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Does a surgery like this move someone's whole vocal range up? Is it limiting somehow? (In the sense that they'll gain less pitch than they lose, if that makes sense.)

I'm curious about the implication of this for male vocalists looking to adjust their range.

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What made you decide to study cuisine in japan rather than a different country?

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What was the nicest thing a customer did for you?

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As someone that's been to more than a few arcades, the quickdrop is a good one if you can find it.

It's completely skill based, although the reauired skill depends on the machine setting. At first it might seem hard, but with a bit of practice it's quite easy to consistently get 4 balls per bucket. Which should be enough for most settings, otherwise one or two buckets might need 5 balls but that's doable as well.

I think the higher the jackpot the more time you have, and the jackpot will reset after it's hit. Sometimes it goes back to 500 (which is great), others will go back to 200. In which case you'll have to wait until other people play it enough, since the jackpot increases a bit for each play.