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MonsieurWTF3 karma

Greetings Jason! Thanks for doing an AMA. I'm not fully familiar with your history of games, and have mostly been involved with your latest indie game project OHOL, so my question will be mostly related to that.

Given the pace that you've made the game so far, it's been an interesting 'ride' to go through. All the updates have been exciting, but it seems that I and some other folks may be curious on the most recent changes bringing about a technological late-game revolving around the water sources and transportation. Will we still be seeing the technological steps between those stages of the industrial revolution and the automobile age, like improvements to other parts of the town? (Things that come to mind in that area would be like anvils, changes to the adobe oven/kiln/forge, more building materials, wind power, etc.)

MonsieurWTF1 karma

Oh, certainly! I don't disagree that we're trying to piece things together in....maybe unconventional ways, since it's rebuilding on tech we already know and not from historical scratch.

I guess to rephrase what I was curious about, is whether future changes would umbrella out from critical technological leaps; in-game, the ability to bake, grow crops is a horizontal expansion that occurs once you've started a kiln to bake clay bowls and plates; with the forge, we unlock iron and steel and that horizontally branches out to an array of steel tools and new capabilities.

In the same vein, we upgrade wells to get more water out of them, so what I assumed an anvil would just be an extension to let you have a longer 'hot metal' timeframe, or even new recipes being available by stacking multiple hot metals.

Thanks again for the first response! :D