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I'm a longtime fan and pre-ordered your book the moment you made it available. I was excited to read it, but my 7 year old got to it first and she has blown through it many times. Fun fact: her name is Lena and we've always called her Lena Bean so she feels a very special kinship with you. :)

My question is: What artistic media from growing up do you feel had the most influence on your current style, both professionally and in your comics?

MonkeysRidingPandas1 karma

Haunted Hunt Club Farm is a yearly tradition for us. You guys really do some fantastic work down there. This year's Village of the Dead is the best yet!

How long do the showrunners typically work on the theme for the hayride? It's so drastically different every year, so they obviously always start from scratch. Also, do the actors usually go through the other attractions for fun?