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MonkeyPretzel53 karma

I love your Twitter and you've brought many issues to my awareness, but I know there's a lot of MST3K/RiffTrax fans who complain both to you and about you, on your political views - being outspoken comes with often unwanted feedback, and I've seen the usual "I'm never gonna buy any RiffTrax again!" threats. (I usually agree with you 100%, and I love that you're not afraid to speak truth to power.)

Have any of your coworkers or friends ever expressed discomfort with your being so outspoken, or worry about how it might impact them? Everyone both behind the scenes and in front of the mikes seems to get along so well, I don't want to see anything gum up the works - but I also don't want to see you self-censor or silence yourself.

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It did. Crow questioning who he is and what he's doing results in some of the funniest skits in the entire series. I always love his mood swings, which tend to be a little bit more unstable than Tom Servo's.

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I was a backer for the RenFest Kickstarter last year that was cancelled. Any word on the status of RenFest? Is it still possible it will happen someday? I'd so like to see Trace, Frank, and Mary Jo Pehl working together again, with added bonus Gruber!

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Frank, I have your book "Twenty Five MST3K Flims That Changed My Life in No Way Whatsoever" and enjoy it very much - so what MST3K film did change your life? (And to make it more difficult "Manos" doesn't count, because we all know you changed the course of world history by finding that stinkburger.)

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You've spent the majority of your life in Minnesota - would you consider yourself a true Minnesotan at this point, or does the Brooklyn still bleed through on occasion? Anything you still miss about Brooklyn/NYC/the Northeast?