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Per USCG, the navy ratings to have are BM & QM for Deck and MM & EM for engine room. Check this pdf. Time in these ratings only counts while underway (at sea) and you NEED TO GET SEA SERVICE LETTERS. You'll also want to be POOW. Alternately, HM1 (or better) with Independent Duty Qual can make you a Ship's Medical Officer.

The highest rank you can hope to start at is 3rd Mate/3rd Engineer, even if you have 10 years underway: there are enough cultural/workplace differences between the Merchant Marine and the USN to make it unwise to do otherwise.

I did 4 years down in the engine room aboard regular merchant ships.

Sorry I'm kind of rambly. For the real deal, check here

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I worked the Empire State VI after Hurricane Sandy (unlicensed engine watch), and she's a fine ship, at least while on the pier. How is she underway?

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Where are you tailgating today? Who does the best fish fry in your area?

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One more: Sprecher or New Glarus?