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How do you convince people online to buy from you? I imagine it's a competitive marketplace for sellers (or is that incorrect?)

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Curious also about postage - are drug dealers throwing cocaine in cardboard boxes+envelopes and sending them to home addresses, or do complexities come up from the illegal nature of the mail?

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Hi Garrett!

Whenever I read posts on reddit about 9/11, there's always a commenter who talks about the Saudis or another arab country. I can't tell if this is an unsubstantiated conspiracy theory based in racism or if there is genuine evidence. To your knowledge, what extent were sovereign states and organizations involved in Al Qaeda and the attack? If the answer is "none", how do you feel about the spread of these conspiracy theories?

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Hi Tom and Evan, quick q:

Using your knowledge of sexual selection and mate choice, if you had to design a dating app or program, what elements might it have? Would be funny to think about whether your research would be applicable or viable as a method.

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What kind of statistics are red flags in your investigations? And how dig do you have to deep to find them?