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From the perspective of an athlete, what is the best and worst part of competing at an Olympic level? Is there anything that you wish was handled better?

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Do you think unionization of SW is something that can form?

As well, what would the benefits of unionization be?

I find this whole thread super interesting, thanks a billion for doing it!

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I assume it must mean

Make a game that, even when streamed and played through, will still make players want to play. Enjoyable for people to watch to the point that they want to play it themselves, to make it attractive not only to watch, but to play. Rocket League, PUBG, Spelunky, Darkest Dungeon, games that can survive and thrive off of streaming, versus games that once you see it played through, you pass.

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Hey guys! Saw you during the NBT concert a while back, and I loved the acoustic performances you did, you really seemed to love being there, and I've been a huge fan ever since!

Follow up question, would you be considering acoustic versions of the saintmotelevision Album (especially sweet talk)?