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I scrolled all through this bullshit just to see if anyone would ask about this. What happened to John Favara sickens me and the way she answered your question was the rotten cherry on top of this steaming pile of bullshit.

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Oh!! Please try to remember something about where this is!! I live in Staten Island. I was just wondering if you had made your way here yet. It’s so cool to see it mentioned, even if it’s to be singled out as one of the weirdest places. Frankly, I’m not surprised at all.

Tell me anything you remember about the surrounding area and the park itself. I’ll try to narrow it down and figure out where it is.

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I live in NYC. I have had these ghost package issues for about a year or so and it’s not always Amazon. In fact most of the time it isn’t Amazon. Here in NY Amazon has their own shitty delivery service. There are still some Amazon packages delivered through USPS every now and then.

I understand that USPS is falsifying the delivery times because of the contract they have with Amazon, but why are they doing it with all other deliveries from all other sellers?