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Two questions:

  1. Did you guys think the Angus burger with Swiss cheese and mushroom was as awful as the paying the public and

  2. The McGangBang controversy, have you ever eaten one, and do you have special instructions concerning people trying to order them, such as being required to not acknowledge its a thing?

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Moistness2 karma

Hi Scott,

I've probably missed you here but I met you once in 2010 during the Federal Election campaign, at a Greens event in Subiaco, which included a comedy show with a very believable Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard lookalikes. You seemed pretty down to earth, and I've followed your progress so far, and am pretty impressed with how you've represented our state.

Although I'm not affiliated with any party, and disagree with some ideas floated by yours, I think that you are by far one of the best picks we have for the Senate, both because you have the dogged persistence to ask the hard questions and because unlike the majority of our senate actually care about slippery slope we find ourselves on in terms of our privacy protections.

My question to you is, other than the generous hand our current government is giving you by governing terribly, how are you planning to take the last senate election result and turn it into a more solid win? What can the average layman who maybe doesn't want to run around with Greens flyers do to help find you a continuing place in our Senate?