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MogRules13 karma

Morning Frank!

Now that Alienware is going back to replaceable hardware in their laptops can you shed any light on what pushed out the MXM GPU's and changeable CPU's in the first place? Why did the industry go to BGA?

Having changeable hardware seems like it's always been one of the most requested features, and I know from personal experience around Reddit and other forums that it was widely used by people for upgrades so it's odd that everyone ( not just Alienware ) moved away from it for the last few years.

THANK YOU for bringing these features back to us, it really makes it seem like someone IS listening to the community and what they want.

PS: The new Area51-M looks awesome!

MogRules4 karma

Hello again Frank,

Do you have any information on the pricing surrounding the DGFF GPU's? Any idea what an upgrade might look like in terms of cost?

The main draw back from MXM was the cost....they were , in most cases, REALLY expensive to buy and replace. When I did my 780m - 980m in my Alienware 17R1 that was almost $800 CAD for just the GPU :(

Are the DGFF cards expected to be around the cost of a desktop card or are they expected to be quite a bit more? I understand RTX cards are insanely expensive top start with these days so I am sure that will factor in.

Thank you!