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When filming episodes, it looks like you're actually doing several episodes in a single session. So you must have a bunch of different guests interacting back stage, even if they're not scheduled to be on the same episode.

Can you share any stories about unexpected ways that your guests have reacted to each other? I'm not looking for dirt (unless that's all you've got), I'm more interested in them talking about how they've influenced each other in different ways, or comparing their enjoyment of different bands, etc.

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Ken, I'm a big fan of Popehat, and I've got two questions I'd like to ask you.

1. After reading Popehat for some time, I still don't get where that name comes from. Can you tell us the story?

2. Having served on both tables, how do you feel about jury nullification? Does it bother you that judges instruct jurors that they're not allowed to do this (i.e., that they must decide only in accordance with the law as it's written)?

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Why do you assume that what's good for manufacturing is necessarily what's good for America as a whole?

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Eddie and the guys have discussed this on the show several times. You have to keep in mind that the show they're creating is for a channel called "VH1 Classic". As much as they may have an interest in newer forms of metal, that's just not what they're getting paid to do.

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Some of those you just cited were my favorites as well, especially Steven Adler and Bryan Johnson.

But far and away the best, IMHO, was Jason Newsted, because of the way he responded to the interview. He seemed completely open and honest, and really presented himself as a thoughtful individual.

Some others, like Nugent and Sammy Hagar, can always be counted on to be entertaining in an over-the-top manner. But I really appreciated the more rare windows into inner workings of the artists.