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ModernTarantula11 karma

Switch your thinking about ugly. Say, "I find them disgusting, but that shouldn't mean they are frightening." 99% of them have fangs that are too small and misdirected to bite large animals.Maybe you can draw your own pictures of spiders.

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No Australian has died from spiders in 50 years. education or no.

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This insight could be a first step. Before you see a spider know that this is a brain phenomenon and not anything inherent in the spider. Next would be to live through the fear, don't run away. Because you know the spider is harmless, just stay there in dread. Then when nothing happens your brain response will change. If you do this with pictures. you need to start with pictures at a distance. or pictures of spidery things Realize of course, this is just talk, I am not qualified to be your therapist.

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That is miseducation. Spiders as a rule are not dangerous. Spider fear is related to disgust not to danger. Although not harassing spiders is a good lesson, leave them and they can eat deadly mosquitos, and harmful wasps.

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walkabout and tried to each roaches. The roaches eat your food if they can