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MmeBunneh3 karma

I was always curious and rather amused that someone would create an app with such a purpose of, well... getting into the skillet and cracking some eggs... That was a bad attempt at a joke.

Anyways I remember when I first read articles about your app that it was not LGBTQ friendly. After I saw your AMA I decided to finally check out your app. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the front page automatically went to women instead of men so thank you for adding that!

My question however lies with the Bangability score.

  • Am I to assume that everyone starts at 0? Or does everyone start at a random number?
  • I realize the score is calculated by the views and the "Down to bang" clicks. Which of those two are more calculated into the score?
  • Is there a maximum score possible?
  • What is the lowest score?

I'm a bit confused as I'm seeing my friends who have scores above a thousand and I'm not sure if I should assume they're using the app or if their friends are and if clicking on them weighs in more than clicking on "Down to bang" instead. Additionally I have a score and I'm confused as to how I got the score (even after knowing what two factors are calculated into it) which is why I asked about the 0 part since I assumed I'd be at a 0.

Sorry for going on and on, I wasn't expecting to post (as I assumed the app was just for heterosexual individuals) but after seeing some stuff I can see why this app is getting so popular. Thanks for hosting the AMA!

MmeBunneh2 karma

That's so wonderful to hear, thank you for speaking up for your friend! I know the media tends to polarize and exaggerate characteristics of individuals so I was wondering if that was the case for him (and for the record, I wholeheartedly agree that he's genuine).

I'm really happy to know that his app is LGBT friendly, most apps refuse to ever add that ever! I'm definitely recommending the app to my friends now haha.

MmeBunneh2 karma

Oh wow, thank you so much for answering all of my questions! That's really interesting to know that someone has a score of 40,000. They must be really attractive haha.

I must say that I like the way your algorithm works as it seems a bit more balanced per say compared to starting it off immediately at 0.

As said, thanks for doing this AMA. I'm extremely and pleasantly surprised to see how you responded to my questions and to other individuals. I remember reading some articles earlier this year and wondered what type of person you were. I must say that you definitely come off as a genuine person!

I hope that this keeps working for you, I'm happy that a lot of the stuff I read earlier in the year turned out to be wrong!

MmeBunneh1 karma

I know a lot of people are asking if you're on a no fly list but my question is more related to, are you trying to help the TSA? What is your end goal with your project in the long term? Are you hoping to work with the government on this or is this still going to be an off-shoot project away from the government?

Last question though, what is your preferred method of travel?