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I'm an organ donor. I would leave myself anonymous because I don't care if my organs go to a "good" person or a "bad" person, just a living one. That's the point, so I don't wish for someone "deserving." Because of that dice roll on who is the best fit if I am in a position someone needs my organs more than I do, I would instead hope for a kind letter to reach out to establish contact. People are people, I would rather kindness repay itself than put my name vainly on charity to have kindness given out of guilt.

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Have you looked into E-Cigarettes? You can get fluid without Nicotine and make your own with any flavor or combination of flavors. You dont seem to be overly concerned with flavor experimentation, but a vape pen could (maybe) safely introduce you to a world of favors that most take for granted. I would talk to a doctor about the nicotine free flavors, they should be safe for you to ingest as you are consuming incredibly small amounts of Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, and flavoring.