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Hello Bishop Barron. I'm an astrophysicist and an atheist, and from all my scientifical studies I just cannot wrap my head around the fact that any god may exist or that as humans we are something more than a biological machine. The thought of our demise and following non-existence makes me sad, but I cannot read the Bible or any other sacred text without thinking that it's all wishful thinking fairytales. Are there any texts you would suggest that look at this questions more in depth than just "have faith" and could instill me some doubt that it's not just endless darkness after this brief life? Thanks

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William Lane Craig counters that, if time is infinite, then everything which can occur already must have, thus implying a first cause. Craig seems to misunderstand statistics, though. You see, if we assume time is continuous, then the probability of selecting, at random, any particular point in time is zero.

I would not even go as far as that. For something (meaningful) to happen, we need to rise the general entropy of the universe. While energy is conserved, most of it is in a too degraded form to be used by macroscopic life forms. Even if time goes on forever, in some billions years the universe will be a homogenous space, all the stars gone, no energy to make new ones, same temperature everywhere. It's what we call the "thermal death" of the universe. So infinite time doesn't mean everything will happen.

It's true however that if we want to assume the universe always existed, then we need to ask why we are not in such a state already

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I second this

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