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Do you plan on building a solid gold Dig'em statue?

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I live in canada, but i can bluff my way into voting for you

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Recently, many European countries have legalized medicinal cannabis, and are continuing to expand access to medicinal cannabis. In Germany, most of the major political parties support recreational legalization of cannabis with the SPD recently publishing a position paper where they support a pilot project for legalized cannabis, with the German drug minister also stating that she is open to compromise or change within current laws on cannabis legalization in Germany.

As I understand it, most of Germany's medicinal cannabis comes from North America, especially places where cannabis has been legalized. Can or are any of these companies putting any pressure on Germany, or other European countries, to legalize cannabis? How does legalization work within the EU versus individual countries? How does trans-Atlantic cannabis trade work? How soon, or even can we, expect to see government regulated, legalized cannabis in Europe?