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Do you know whether Yang will run for NYC mayor? Can you convince him to, please? This city needs a really progressive restart. Pleeeeaaaaassssseeee.

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I know it's not as big of a platform but I think he could be much more effective and potential springboard his progressive policies to higher positions if he started with mayor of a major city or governor.

I appreciate your response though - thank you!

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You claim to present proof it's you but how can anyone be sure? Perhaps it's just a simulation - that's what the matrix would want it's users to believe.

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I loved the episode on homo-economists. Im not sure if your familiar with Ha-Joon Chang, he's some what of an atheist in terms of economists preferred camp. He does a great job of going over various schools of thoughts, their values, and their shortcomings, see Economics, the Users Guide. It seems like Planet Money is pretty strongly Keynesian leaning. What are your thoughts on where you stand in terms of preferred general economic sect and how useful they each are? Also - what are your feelings on how much we should value economists opinions and how to decipher dogma and politisization from sound reasonable economic insight?