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Mistress_Of_Mischeif43 karma

Hi Bruce! My aunt almost died a few years ago because someone was putting meth in her IV. She lost her sight and eventually had to be put in a medically induced coma to help her heal, but the whole ordeal took close to a year for her to get back to her "normal" life.

Nothing ever came of it because the nursing home didn't keep any security logs and didn't have cameras, so the police kind of hit a dead end. I'm convinced it must've been someone working there, because there's no way she could've (immobilized from an infected knee surgery).

Anyway, do you have any recommendations on how to proceed? She ended up footing the months of medical bills that followed, since we could never prove it was negligence or ill intent. Money aside though, I still think someone needs to be brought to justice with this.

Mistress_Of_Mischeif13 karma

Thanks for your response!

I've been trying to convince her, but with all the medical debt, she's been hesitant to go out and talk to one. She's worried about getting caught on a legal battle as well. :/