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Misteralcala9 karma

How's the tail there? I assume the pick of ladies isn't anything to brag about, but cabin fever probably eventually adds points in their favor, I'd assume? Also, do you get to eat any local delicacies, like whale and penguin?

Edit: yes. I'm asking the important questions!

Misteralcala2 karma

Probably already been asked, but is there any kind of exhaust venting?

Because if I eat my 'Astronaut Burrito Paste in a tube' and I'm on a space walk when the 'ol mudwhistle starts piping, I'm not gonna want to bask in my own glory until I get back to the shuttle, if you know what I mean.

Misteralcala2 karma

Awesome! Also, another reason for the slow start may be because it's approaching 2 A.M. Pacific Time. I'm sorry you missed out on whale jerky and penguin fritters, but scotch and ice does sounds so good right now.

Misteralcala1 karma

It's not your fault - you have to readjust to regular day / night cycles.

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But I want to hold on to my erotic fantasies! You will not ruin them with your God damn 'TRUTH' and 'EDUCATION'! :D