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Do you still keep in touch with Julian Barrett? Any plans to do anything Boosh-related in the future?

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Context: I studied Japanese for a year in the UK as part of a degree in Politics and International Relations (big focus on East Asian politics and diplomacy, so did Japanese and Mandarin), lived in Japan for a year after that, so pretty well spoken in the language, and continued studying when I came back to the UK.
Being a bit of a filthy capitalist, I am more interested in the money than the experience, and I know that teaching isn't hugely well paid (unless you are a full-on Masters qualified English teacher).
I also know that you CAN get a job fairly easily as a foreigner with a standard Japanese company, but they will work you to the bone (like every other employee they have...).
However I had a friend who worked for a British company over there, and another who worked for an American company. Fairly basic stuff, headhunting and the like, but they apparently got paid a damn good wage and were on 'Western' working hours, i.e. you get to go home at some point.
Do you know any foreigners over there who have done the same?

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Having played a lot of 40K universe games (favourite being Inquisitor in 40K scale, diminishing model range no longer being an issue :D) I wondered if there is ever going to be a first/third person RPG set in the 40K universe?
After playing a lot of games like the newer Fallout series, I always imagined a role playing game with the player character as either an Inquisitor (with a choice of Ordo and a large companion system for retinues) or a rogue trader (travelling between planets getting into all sorts of shenanigans) to be unfairly awesome!
Any chance of anyone ever making this happen?

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Favourite Japanese TV show? I do find a lot of them suck quite a bit (and god those advertising laws are just intrusive), but when I first got to Japan I was all about 志村動物園!Simple Japanese for kids!