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Money, time, circumstance. And all that jazz you said! The surgery is extremely expensive in the short term and long term, especially in my case as the orbital mass needed to replace the eyeball would have to be super custom made for my football/egg shaped eye socket. Before I was an adult at 18, the doctors said they legally had to preserve the eye in case something happened to my good eye. This was because it has like 6 percent the vision of a perfect eye, to their knowledge anyways. Thing is, it has nerve damage and always stay center, doesn't blink, and I'd rather be fully blind than see with that kinda disoriented vision. Using the effect it had on my quality of life, the doctors said when I'm 18 I can get an enucleation (destruction of your eyehole surgery). I was like dope! Until I realized how expensive it was and that by the time I was a big boy now the tarsorrhaphy surgery already made my life 90000x better

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The eye goop is because my eye is still irritated actually. Due to risk of infections and the need for some circulation and freshness, I gotta have those slits in the eyelid. Unfortunately, that means it's still open 24/7 so those slits are areas of irritation that are red and in pain. During the day I put eye drops in the tiny slits, but when I sleep that's 8 or so hours it's just completely dry and exposed to air. My eye makes the goop to combat that irritation and forms while I'm sleeping.

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According to the doc it was because I'd see lights and shadows while rolling around or accidentally leaving the TV on. It would initiate a fight or flight response while I'm unconscious. Also the pain of the eye never closing was a factor, apparently in my sleep it used to twitch and dart around a bit (I scared so many people just napping). The iris looks just like my other brown eye! It was a lil red all around it though from irritation. Depth perception is awful with baseball, like just horrible. I can box my friends and drive for a job! No 3D movies or oculus rift though :(

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You just hit home man. Growing up, all I could do to sleep was lay down on my belly and shove my face into the pillow. I would nuzzle and rub my eye upward into my sheets so the eyelid would close down, and I'd just stay like that till I passed out. Of course once I just knock out I'd move around and then the eye would be all exposed to air and dust which was a big no no