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What types of organizations did you see fighting you on this bill? Especially the deep pocketed or aggressive efforts used to fight it?

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I'm very curious about wellness so forgive me for focusing on your eating routine.

Do you try to eat energy-dense foods as a result of not being able to pass food well? Also, given that your mitochondria have difficulty using/producing energy at the cellular level, how does eating lots of junk food affect you? Can you still gain weight? Or does your body use every scrap of energy in your food and still not have enough to process?

Lastly, have you ever tried making homemade vegetable juice to improve your overall digestive system? Just a thought.

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I came here specifically to see his diet. Unbelievable. So many people think they're born with some genetic affliction so why bother amending their habits? Even when asked directly about it here, the most committed OP was to diet-related questions was that he has made smoothies and eaten fruit in the past. No thought to look anything up. :/

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Hi! Bipolar (former) patient here. I wanted to thank you for what you do. I know the job is incredibly difficult and sometimes even dangerous. The pay isn't what it should be. And mental health isn't given the attention it deserves. Regardless, thank you so much.

Do you think there are better ways to treat mental health patients than just locking them on a floor together? I've always wondered at setting up some kind of facility out in the sticks to be a place of healing & wellness, but as someone who's been inpatient & psychotic twice now, it felt more like a prison than a hospital.

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Interesting. My question on fatty foods might revolve more around putting coconut oil in coffee or even grass fed butter (if you're the adventurous type haha).

Is the gatorade for electrolytes? You could always put trace mineral salts in your water if you don't like consuming that much sugar.

Regardless, it sounds like you have an awful go of things and I wish you the best.