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Hi Jerry. My question has to do with one little moment in the Soup Nazi episode. Wayne Knight walks out of the restaurant, looks at his bag and says "ummm...Jambalaya"...and then does this little dance down the sidewalk. It was hilarious. But not because of the line...because of the way he delivered it and what he did physically. So my question is...how did this happen? Did the script just have the line leaving it up to him on what to do with it? was it an ad-lib? Did the script describe the dance? Describe the process of getting this little golden moment on the screen. Thanks.

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Thanks. Very informative. You should be tour guide or something.

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So by my calculations that is about $366,000,000 per year. But for how many years?

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What are the sexual morays like there? Is it very conservative or what we would call liberated? Do teens date? What about gay issues?

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Speaking in generalities, if you would like, what is the thing about sex in prison? Is it something that happens but isn't discussed? Is it accepted as part of what goes on? Do people pair up? Does sexual assault occur?