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Missus_Missiles34 karma

Sick, dude.

I've met people who have done the Seattle to Portland run on skateboards. 100 miles per day. And a girl on roller blades. But that's a supported event too.

Any good poop-emergency stories?

Missus_Missiles18 karma

Cool. I'll have to watch now.

I'm damn near 40. The never "trust a fart" adage is beginning to ring true.

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I personally get news-fatigue. How do you deal with a never-ending stream of things you may or may not personally agree with, without becoming jaded, and retaining objectivity?

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Is it difficult finding interview participants who are objective/rational/logical 60-70 years after?

Because I know I can find any number of conspiracy-theory whackjobs. But good resources, that's harder.