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They think i dont notice them doing that but i see it everytime.

No they don't. They're just trying to be respectful and chill about something that probably sucks but they don't understand.

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Why is someone downvoting this entire thread?

My question: were you there when the FDNY and the NYPD had a major brawl that sent cops to the hospital? Giuliani tried to fire the firefighters from body removal to cut costs, and the FDNY told him to pound sand.

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I find this area very interesting, but I have deep concerns about applying shamanistic biotechnology without a framework - not perhaps as your project does, but as some of the people visiting this sub might be participating.

From my view: A person who has devoted their life to be a shaman is a person who takes on a heavy psychic burden to bring back information necessary for the tribe, and to remain with one foot in another sphere of influence in order to act as a guide. The experiences of a shaman separate them from regular people, and to be a shaman is to exist at once outside the realm of the every day, outside the group or the community, and yet holding keys and sacred knowledge and insight into that very community, intrinsically at one with and suffused with that community and its identity. Not to be taken lightly.

This evolved biotechnology was once a part of all people's lives in some form. After a long absence in the human sphere we see the old ways returning, their power undiminished. Yet without these guides, without the wisdom of ancient ideologies, without rituals that protect our normal consciousness during these journeys, a person is likely doing real damage to their own psyche and consciousness.

My question is for the Ayawaskera:

Buenas tardes.

What steps are you taking to root these treatments in some kind of ideological framework that remains true to the ancient tradition which is your calling? Are you employing ritual and ritual artifacts to shape the experience and protect the minds of those you guide? Are you using any newer techniques?

Finally, do you think that our world would benefit to a return to coming-of-age rituals involving these powerful tools of consciousness for all human beings at a certain age - as we see in indigenous people's communities still in some far corners - to separate them from childhood and prepare them for the dualities we face in adulthood?

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That entire branch of government is designed to not be swayed by public opinion.

That's not really true though. A judge MUST take into consideration the entirety of society if he or she is to stand as our advocate in a decision of justice. A jury of our peers is supposed to somewhat accurately reflect and represent public opinion.

ALSO, public opinion can actually nullify the reach of the law in cases where a jury deems that a defendant broke a law but that just punishment cannot be meted out in court and to convict would be a miscarriage of the Spirit of justice in their eyes.

Public opinion is itself on trial much of the time, in cases that impact the larger social fabric - Dred Scott comes to mind:

the Court ruled that black people "are not included, and were not intended to be included, under the word 'citizens' in the Constitution, and can therefore claim none of the rights and privileges which that instrument provides for and secures to citizens of the United States."

Taney supported his ruling with an extended survey of American state and local laws from the time of the Constitution's drafting in 1787 purporting to show that a "perpetual and impassable barrier was intended to be erected between the white race and the one which they had reduced to slavery."

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Truely disturbing experiences (that required a year of thought and insight to get around)... but wow!

This is a disturbing sentence.