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Gerudo Valley song!!!!!!

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WHAT!? He's got to hit you back... you'll be the biggest fan he'll ever lose....

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Crazy bus - Arthur

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Oh god, TAHITI? Good job getting out of that whole situation. Why did Dreamstar Ent. decide to add a pre-debut trainee to the group after the first single? Do you think you are a talented singer? How well do all the trainees get along with each other? How hard is it to go along with company decisions that you don't agree with or have confidence in and is that feeling shared by a majority? Do you still wish to become an actress and if so do you think you are any good at that? Also, what's your opinion on Dreamstar's "producers" totally ripping off Aly & AJ's Potential Breakup Song for Love Sick?

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Careless Whisper