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Who would win in a fist fight: the Easter Bunny or Santa Clause?

p.s.: Merry Christmas.

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Where do you poop?

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What the hell is a flap steak? I saw a cooking video demonstrating a flap steak recipe. It looked like skirt steak to me, and the cook acknowledged it's similarity, but insisted that it was a separate cut of meat. I've asked guys behind the meat counters where I shop, and none of them knew what flap steak is.

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Well. My mom was a volunteer at a library in a small town in Oklahoma. She said their most popular genre wad Amish romance novels. So, yeah.

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Here is the video in question. Grilled flap steak so it isn't flank or skirt. After first posting my question I did a google and found this definition from wikipedia: The flap steak is sometimes confused with hanger steak as both are usually cut thin. The item consists of the obliquus internus abdominis muscle from the bottom sirloin butt. The cut is sometimes inaccurately sold as skirt steak.