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Did you add the chord progression yourself after the notes were chosen by vote, or did you start off with that one chord and then people went with it?

The experiment is interesting and it would be cool if you could take the same approach and do it with different demographics of people - teenagers, listeners of classical music, metalheads, that sort of thing. Because as it sounds now it looks like your crowd enjoys cookie cutter 4 chord progression pop ballads the most.

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This might sound crass, but what's the point of a job like this?

There's no meaningful interaction between you and your fans. You're married, so you're also off-limits. There are a zillion pictures and videos of women as attractive or more attractive than you performing every imaginable feat of sexuality freely available online...

What service do you or any other person on that platform provide that people can't get in droves freely elsewhere?

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Ah, so you're saying that a remark that was meant to only address the physical consequences of your behavior would be interpreted as that other person attacking your character and any other perceived shortcomings too.

You know, that actually makes sense in a twisted kind of way. It's like a malfunctioning coping mechanism you need to make sense of your existence, except it's actively leading to its end. Not eating becomes an active choice, an act of defiance, and something you're completely in charge of. There's power in this, but I don't think that the final outcome is preferable to dying young and never experiencing the could have beens.

In any case, thank you for sharing! I hope you'll find the strength to pick up the pieces and start rebuilding a happier and more meaningful life for yourself.

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First of all, congratulations on beating anorexia. You look really healthy and happy now.

Here's something I've always wanted to discuss with an anorexic person but I don't know any in real life and it would also be incredibly rude of me... So, from what I understand, a major part of anorexia is the distorted perception sufferers have of their bodies - even when they're skin and bones, they see themselves as being fat or ugly or somehow not desirable because of excess weight.

So my question is, what kind of effect do you think it would have had on you if, while you were anorexic, a person close to you outright said that you looked deformed and repulsive precisely because you've lost so much weight that you hardly resemble a human anymore? Would that be another devastating blow to a sufferer's self esteem, or could something so blunt get through to them?

I suppose another question springs forth from this one. With what you know now, what do you think people around anorexics who genuinely want to help should do more?

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Thank you for your insight!

However, your answer implies that people were using at least a modicum of tact. Being told that you're "skinny and underweight" is drastically different than being told the same plus "this makes you physically repulsive because you're too emacated to retain any semblance of attractiveness."

I mean, that's kinda the crux of it, no? No one ever goes up to a sufferer and calls them a walking corpse. Hell, I'm discussing it here behind a pseudonym and would never do such a thing unless it was a member of my immediate family.

So, let's say that someone commented on your weight when you were at your worst in a way that totally negates the warped image the disorder has given you, would that just make you more determined to stay anorexic? Would it cause a deeper denial? Could it cause you to rethink your situation?