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Same here ... my first thought was so much for living rent free.

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Former DC manager here.

We were basically told how to treat the associate for every situation and there was no leeway allowed or it was our ass. I will try to answer what I can as it has been almost 6 years since I was let go for trying to help associates out.

Our bonuses were yearly and not quarterly and they were always the giant carrot that we could not get. We would be offered stock options and the like but we had to wait years for them to actually mature. Then there would always be one thing that we would just miss when our bonuses were due that would cut our bonuses in half.

The questions form that I had to ask for the simplest injury would take me off the floor for at least 90 mins to 2 hours for the smallest injury. I would then have to fill out a form that had at least 45 questions on it all while the first aid rep for the shift was administering first aid and following blood protocol procedures. There was no incentive but the manager is making sure that they were covering their ass so when the questions were asked they would not be blamed because they missed something during the interview process. There is nothing like then taking an associate to the hospital for a drug test also if there was a piece of equipment that was broken over $500. That was another 3 hours away from the dock.

The money thing for charity used to always get us too and we would also be 'suggested' to give to Wal-pac and if we didn't it was frowned upon. This was the good face of wal-mart and we needed to make sure that you associates were doing your part to make them look good. I had a spreadsheet and we were required to push to get to a certain %. We made it a game on our dock and I suggested that we would help out the Pacific Islander campaign as it always only pulled in .9% of the total raised for the charity each year. When we asked the associates if they would give and they did not care which one the money went to we suggested this. The PIC did receive 17% of the money for our warehouse that year....little things to get back at them in ways they could not control.

Management had such a high turnover as we were constantly pushed to do things that were impossible. We were asked to give forecasts and would tell them how many pieces we would push through and would be told that was not good enough even though we took the # of associates we had and multiplied it by 100% production. We were also forced into 'mandatory fun days" on our days off and were required to do "mandatory volunteerism" if we did not do at least two things for the community per year it effected our evaluation. So all those pictures of the managers out there painting dog houses or cleaning up trash on the highways it was us making sure we secured some type of raise that year.

Also don't get me started on how we were pro-associate and then when we tried to do something that would benefit the associate we would be shot down....all of the programs they offered there were always reasons that the associate would not qualify.

We would have computerized how is your manager tests once per year where you would be asked questions about your manager and the managers would then be scored. It was from a 1-5 score and 5 being the highest. I received one of my first tests and found out that I had received a 4.2 out of 5. I felt good I was glad that my employees liked me generally and thought I was fair. Well I was then berated for having a high score as I must not have been holding my people accountable for their actions as i was too well liked. I was absolutely stunned and could not believe that I scored too high.

OK that's enough for now....just glad I could help answer some of your questions.