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post has been edited typo, its still a rough estimate i vividly remember being at least 10 cm shorter than the shortest person in my class at 6 and didnt get any better when i turned 7 so that's what caused suspicion, my mum got notes of my height tracked from young ill post it when she gets back, sorry thanks

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they go till your bones fuse so theres no room to grow yeah its lucky but i suspect mum or dad side probably dad suffers from the same thing as me so when i got on it, it revealed my max potential

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if im aware all people on this program go till their growth plates have fused usually around 18 however there was a thingo passed a few years ago for people with gh deficiency to go back on after 18 for the extra benefits not just growth that growth hormone has, more energy etc, currently on a break but plan to get back on. Worst long term side effect i was informed of was higher chance of diabetes, thanks

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till this day ive only ever told 2 of my closest friends about it, i explained that it only fills in what im missing so hopefully they understood

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will get em on the juice as well