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various bibles (librivox)

System of the world (view pages online)

Gulliver's Travels (librivox)

The Age of Reason (librivox)

The Wealth of Nations (librivox)

The Art of War (librivox)

The Prince (librivox)

*edit: i forgot

Origin of the Species (librivox)

Thanks for pointing that out, bloed. I didn't include it the first time because evolution is dirty lie that must be suppressed! (runs off to cash Kirk Cameron's check)

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Isn't this in many ways more worrying? If there's some hidden evil person then you can boot them. If, on the other hand, negative outcomes are just an emergent property of that many people trying to do the right thing in their small sub-universe of that bureaucracy, isn't that a lot harder to change?

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Sun and wind are just different animals. The sunlight that hits your house is more or less the same sunlight that hits a nearby utility scale solar installation(*though they have an easier time picking a direction and tilt while your roof is harder to change...). The wind by your house / in your subdivision / flying past your apartment window is not like the wind that big turbines get access to. Most large turbines are high enough and well placed enough to have access to higher speed, less disrupted wind. This isn't to say that home-mounted turbines will NEVER be cost effective, but to say that there are other challenges that aren't related to mass-adoption.

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Here's the a thing: going cheap ensures that your going to get a crappy product, but going expensive seldom ensures the opposite. You happen to see people making poor decisions because you've cultivated enough knowledge to recognize those decisions as poor. Having the time to cultivate expertise is itself a scarce commodity. I happen to recognize shity chainsaws when I see them, but it doesn't mean I know how to pick a brake rotor. Everybody's walking around with scarce resources trying to do the best they can.

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I almost took a screenshot to show you how funny it was that the servers didn't kick in while looking for a post about how they're powered by wind...

I refreshed 3 times before I checked the url.....