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Can confirm, u/danhook and the Done In One procedure has changed the lives of me and my family in more ways than I'd ever imagined possible.

u/throw_away4138 I really hope you see this because you've just been offered the opportunity of a lifetime. And just in case anyone thinks I'm shilling, feel free to ask fellow redditor u/decon1313 about his experience, he just had the procedure done a couple weeks ago!

We need to start our own subreddit, guys!! Thank you again, u/danhook, for everything.

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Man, I wish. I must've dreamed than I'm bent over a sink and my teeth are falling out at least 1,000 times and every time I'm utterly convinced that it's 100% real.

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I usually wake up right after I realize I'm dreaming and attempt to do something cool.

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Good advice. It does seem as if the excitement, or a sudden increase of adrenaline, triggers the awakening. Hard to stay calm when you realize you can fly though.

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My girl had been there for me during countless bouts with the worst pain of my life. She had dealt with vicarious trauma for so long that she was probably as relieved as I was. And it just blew my kid's mind lol. l can't wait until he's old enough to understand that the transformation he witnessed--his daddy having absolutely no teeth to, one episode of Blippi while sitting in the waiting room later, a mouthful of them--wasn't the result of some form of illusionary magic, it was the result of one man's kindness towards a practical stranger who had nothing to offer in return. So... I guess it was kind of magic!

It literally changed everything. "Emotional" and "incredible" are perfect words to describe how we felt, and still feel to this day. It was my dream coming true--a pain-free existence--and it led to my dream job. It changed my professional priorities from becoming financially stable enough to alleviate the persistent agony I lived with every day to being financially stable enough to pay it forward to as many people as I possibly can. It genuinely gave me a new perspective in life. It proved to me that one person really can make a quantifiable difference in the lives of many others. With enough people contributing on a large enough scale, the possibilities are endless.

A positive impact on my life was made indeed. Offering hope to the hopeless has a profound effect.