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very very valuable! also connections are great! they have groups for job openings and are a great way to give a professional vibe before they ever see you in person.

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It all depends on the size of the company, and where you are applying to. Large companies in fact screen for buzz words and dont count them. The #1 best way to get your resume noticed is to start every single sentence with an "Action" word. such as :

Wrote xxxxxxx

Reviewed XXXXX

Reported regarding xxxxxxxx

make them eye catching, and also very very important - have action words similiar / identical to the ones in the original job description or posting, if there is a system it usually screens for those with extra weight!

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Threatening and cocky as hell. Not a good one man.

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I love HR, im a just nerd at heart who happens to like people hah

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It depends on the position and company.

Small companies really care about the little details, same with high up managers looking at people for executive / senior managerial positions because attention to detail and extra effort really matter.

The most important thing behind a cover letter is not the letter itself but rather that you want this job bad enough to tailor your resume extra to it - it shows them that you are not just cramming your "HEY LOOK I CAN WORK TOO!" page everywhere.

But for a large company / entry level job it doesn't particularly matter, I usually take a 3 second glance at it because I have a stack of 100 in front of me. But a good cover letter will almost always push you from the "No" to the "hmm maybe" pile just out of interest if it is an entry level position.