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Joe Biden. Then hold him accountable to end the filibuster, add 2 supreme court justices, statehood for DC and PR, end to gerrymandering and a national voting rights act with real teeth so that election day is a holiday and everyone's voice counts. You know, a fucking democracy.

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who knows. I like the two perfect circles entwined. I like if you die before i die i'll carve your name out of the sky. I like pretty shy for a mexican girl. I like the beating of the drum in the parade of the insane. I like that Hollywood Park opens with my father's prison number and I like the group sing part of Common Touch because it feels like one of those special moments when music captures a feeling better than anything else.

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we are going to tour like fuck the second we can. god I can't wait for those shows.

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it's a good question. i've already said too much.

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Wait why is it Steven’s bird? ha.

My favorite graphic novels are written by my friend Tom Manning, who is a genius. Check out Runoff, Eric and Bering Strait. I also loved Art Spiegelman’s Maus.

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