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Man, it's like this stuff is scripted.

I was doing an event last night and said out loud how insane it is to me that a company will literally HALF its valuation based on ::waves hands at the ether::

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ashley get out of here

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it is deeply stupid

  1. the charmin bear avi came from me noticing years ago that Charmin on twitter was hilarious and gross — they just tweeted about poop all the time, which i found funny because i am a 12 year old boy. so i took it as my avi, and now ive had it for so long that i cant ever get rid of it. really screwed myself on the old personal branding front.

  2. rat king literally came from me finding out what a "rat king" was when someone told me about it — go look it up on wikipedia, it is supremely fucked up — so i thought it was cool and took it as my name

i am not very deep or smart

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I get the Lyft Q a lot.

I think it's entirely fair to criticize Lyft for a lot of the same practices that Uber has popularized. Competitive intelligence (though not to the same intense degree), labor practices, lack of safety practices for much of the company's history.

The theme, for me, has always been that whatever Lyft has done, Uber has had to amp it up a bit and do it just a little bit more intense — maybe a little bit worse, even. It's very Uber!

Boring unicorn books? Idk. I can't decide if palantir would be fun or yawn.

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She's freakin out right now for some reason. There's a lot of construction in my neighborhood right now and she HATES the noise.

(i also hate the noise, but i cry significantly less than her because of it)