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MikeCoots15 karma

All I felt was a really calm, at ease state. It was strange, although I thought I was going to die, it was not scary.

MikeCoots12 karma

I was not afraid to go back in the water after the attack (my first time in was right where the attack happened). The ocean means everything to me and is part of my life. Much scarier to me a life without the sea than worrying about getting attacked again. My heart goes out to the victims of the recent attacks on the East Coast

MikeCoots11 karma

I don't know, but the water visibility was not clear and a bit of a fishy smell in the air. So I may of been mistaken for its natural prey.

MikeCoots10 karma

It was a complete fight or flight reaction. I had a creepy chill go through my body and at the same time punched the shark in the nose and it let go.

MikeCoots8 karma

I felt no pain, only a lot of pressure, like someone heavy was sitting on my legs.