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Love the app. Easily my most used app. I def will donate today. Happy Birthday also!

As someone who works in IT, I'm good with doing the admin stuff and all that other troubleshooting, but I want to get into more of coding. I'm looking to learn some Python 3. Any recommendations on where I should look for courses (I'm using udemy) and some good study tactics to help this all sink in my head?

Hope you enjoyed my pics of my kitty, Caramel!

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Will do! Thanks for the reply and enjoy your day!

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I mean, iOS 10 is compatible with iPhone 5 and later. If you can't update to iOS 10, that must mean you are using it on a 4s or earlier so that would mean your phone is 9+ years old.... I personally don't think developers should need to support phones that old. Older phones use different chips and different aspect size ratios as well which makes it hard for the developer to support older phones.

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Weird. iPad 4 is compatible with iOS 10. You may have an iPad 3 actually. If your iPad is using a 30 pin connector and not the lightning connector, then you have an iPad 3, which is 8 years old.

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