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I just think you have to look at the example of Mike Bloomberg, who had infinite dollars and is now an ex-candidate.

If only there were a way for people across the country to ask questions online and let the candidate field them live...

I think something like that would really help my campaign.

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When facing this question I just list the facts about KY and all its got from Mitch's "power"

-5th worst economy

-#1 in cancer deaths, child abuse and child homelessness

#2 in opiod addiction and deaths

Double the national average of people working at the minimum wage

I could go on and on, but you get the point.

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I prefer a single-payer healthcare plan very similar to our Canadian neighbors. But, I see expanding ACA with a public option as the least disruptive path forward.

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1) To your first point, Trump's attendance at November rallies failed to save an unpopular Governor. I can't see it saving an unpopular Senator. Part of the reason I ran was my unique resume as a retired veteran, former educator, and farmer. That redounds with a lot of Kentucky voters and makes me far more relatable than the other Dem candidates or Mitch. Also, as a rural newspaper editor, I developed the skills necessary to persuade rural voters without alienating them.

2) Awesome.

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