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This is so truly laudable and such a worthwhile and clever list of supplies. To provide organizational goods like this to just help a little with the incredible amount of equipment, hygiene and general medical procedures is I think a real blind spot for insurers and the medical system. I'm sorry for what your family have been through and very proud people like you exist to try and turn the loss of your daughter into something that can help others. Thank You for very much, I will share this appeal far and wide for you all.

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Hi Sian, How much sway should a patient put into warnings related to macrolide or floroquinolone antibiotics such as Clarithromycin or Ciprofluxacin in cases where heart disease exists with no evidence of QT prolongation? I'm a cardiac patient myself with moderate to severe LVH, Hypertension, Supraventricular Arrythmias / ectopics and one recorded episode of AF and pause. My cardiac situation is a combination of my former lifestyle and cushings disease. Rest assured I will always follow the guidance of my doctors more something I couldn't find an answer on in the NHS Many Thanks for doing such a vital and valuable job!