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Whoa a response from my favourite author WOO. Yeah I agree it would be hard to abolish guns, or strip back the usage considering how many guns are already in circulation. But surely an attempt would be better than leaving the situation as it stands with so many students dead each year. Thanks for the response!

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A lot of people will put these shootings down to sheer 'craziness' and they consider them isolated incidents, but here in Ireland we too have 'crazy' people and people who aren't stable, but they don't have guns so they don't end up killing people. So surely guns are the problem? Because if you don't have a gun then you aren't mobilised to shoot, so this idea of 'copycats' you have is really interesting to think about, I couldn't agree with you more. Excellent article and I look forward to a response!

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No. We just see that there has been another mass shooting in the US, and we here people complain about guns. We rarely hear anything about the shooter(s).

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Hahah yeah I agree, seems backwards to focus on the scum who commit the crime.