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We bootstrapped and went with a combination recording studio small video studio set up. We utilized some YouTube's network contracts with music industries and some local businesses. It gets more complicated but could be managed with three employees in a relatively small floor plan. It's highly expandable. One of the groups I helped record some songs was #10 on Reverb Nation for a long time. And that was with extremely mediocre software and equipment.

Unfortunately as a civil engineer, I work up to 60 hrs a week. Currently working on a $2B project, so I don't have a lot of spare time to pursue my true interests.

So, if you ever are looking for someone with a technical and artistic background; PM me and I'd love to keep in touch.

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I'm a graduate student in a top 10 entrepreneurship masters program (undergraduate degree in civil engineering). I had a project designing a business and "reinvented" the recording studio and blew away my professor and some other entrepreneurs judging the project. Looking for employees? I'm tired of my engineering job :-)