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Find a home for "Patriot". Do you know how therapeutic that show is to the PTSD community?

Teddy Grahams, my friend.

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Who financed this massive operation to buy out moderators and subs? Really curious. If you have a link, I'd appreciate it.

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Thank you for your work. It is vitally important to the world we know of this problem in the simplest of terms. The only consistent thing about the first two decades of this century is purposeful confusion by those with power and money. Your competitor's motto is true: democracy dies in darkness.

How long did the investigation take?

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Why doesn't PM May tell the DUP "You're on your own. Have a nice life!" and declare a turnover date of Northern Ireland to the Republic of Ireland? The northern Irish majority doesn't want Brexit, converting to the Euro, or the difficulty of movement and commerce that comes with Brexit.

Plus, a Leave vote was a a declaration for sovereignty. Why not a declaration of self-determination for the subjected parts of the realm, too?

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It's Deutsche Bank on behalf of the Bank of Cyprus.

Deutsche Bank handled the paper transactions for all loans Trump got post-bankruptcy. What they are trying to prevent from revealing is the underwriting source for the loans. That's the Bank of Cyprus, the preferred offshore Bank of Russian oligarchs.

Eric Trump effectively told interviewers the source of their recent lending sources through Russia. DB and the BOC are the front and back banks for the money.